FreeBSD; I guess we weren’t destined to be.

I always write my blog articles, especially my opinion pieces as if, you, the reader, do not know me at all. Unfortunately- today I must break that tradition.

You may remember I wrote a post a long time ago detailing why darkscience no longer operates with github - You may remember that due to the hamfisted throat-ramming of systemd; darkscience transitioned to using FreeBSD for most of its infrastructure needs.

Well, now, these two things are, apparently, linked.

For those that don’t know the FreeBSD community has recently come out with a controversial Code-of-Conduct. I don’t wish to go into the details too much, other than that it was taken from a political source and, among other things, puts bans on virtual hugs and anything that

“reinforce[s] systemic oppression [..]”


“Unwelcome comments regarding a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including those related to food, health, parenting, drugs, and employment.” (emphasis mine).

In other words, stating that someone ate a bad burger and that’s why they feel like shit before sending a hug gif to comfort them is seemingly the gravest offence you could possibly commit and will get you disbarred. (breaking: health, food, and of course the “no-hugs” rules).

Of course, that’s hyperbole. The reality is that this will likely be selectively enforced- those who are in the “in” crowd will use these rules to beat others over the head.. making them not really rules, but rather tools of oppression.. as evidenced by history with wide-reaching vague rules.

(More info here: PDF warning)

I’m also going to mention that by doing this they are aligning heavily with the toxic personality of Randi “freebsdgrl” Harper
who has proven to be a brigader and quite well celebrated.

I mean, her twitter profile picture is sipping from a cup of male tears for crying out loud. I don’t think I’m stretching the truth by saying that this does not promote harmony amongst people.

The response of the above thread by the accused, for completion

So, again, I have to put my foot down and my money where my mouth is.

darkscience’s infrastructure will now be migrated to OpenBSD (where we will be shifting 10% of donations), we appreciate your patience in this transitional period.


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